Sonia Rehman

Sonia was born in central Scotland and received her degree in Medical Sciences (Hons) in 2015 from the University of Edinburgh investigating the impact of environmental contaminants on diagnostic outcomes. During her second year at university, Sonia was invited as a visiting scholar to Strathclyde University to work in the research and development phase of a vaccine candidate for Toxoplasma Gondii. Later in her third year, Sonia was co-awarded a small research grant for a “High throughput screen for human indoleamine 2,3- digoxygenase 2 inhibitors as anti-tumour agents” with the School of Chemistry at Edinburgh University and Medical Research Scotland. In 2016, she joined the OPTIMA CDT programme in Optical Medical Imaging. Sonia is currently working with the Bradley Research group focussing on optical imaging for key targets in cancers.

In her spare time, Sonia enjoys reading, playing badminton, baking and spending time with friends.

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