Vikki Evans

Vikki grew up in the outskirts of London before moving to Bath to undertake a bachelors in Natural Sciences, which comprised of modules in chemistry, biology and environmental science. Halfway through the degree, she moved to the Netherlands to work in industry for a year at the company DSM. Her project involved analysis of by-products formed during the synthesis of caprolactam, under the supervision of Prof Rob Meier. Vikki’s final year at Bath entailed a research project in Dr Ruth Webster’s group on developing a novel deprotection strategy for Boc protecting groups. After receiving her BSc, she moved back home to study for an MSc in Chemical Research at Queen Mary University of London, working in Prof Mike Watkinson’s group and focussed on synthesising a ratiometric dual fluorophore probe for the detection of biological zinc. Her PhD project is in the Proteus team and is centred on elucidating the presence of elastase in the lung using near infrared dyes.

In her spare time she enjoys running, cooking and travelling.

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