Dr Alicia Megia

Alicia grew up in Valdepeñas (Spain) surrounded by a large family. She obtained her BSc in Chemistry at the University of Granada (Spain) in 2006 and finished a Master in Chemistry in 2007. There, she started her PhD in the Department of Organic Chemistry. In April 2011 she earned her PhD degree working under the supervision of Prof. Santoyo-González with the thesis entitled “Vinylsulfones: synthesis and applications in labelling, immobilization, transfection and catalysis”. During this time she was involved in the synthesis of compounds containing the vinylsulfone function in order to modify PAMAM obtaining non-viral gene delivery vectors. She has also worked on new heterogeneous catalysts, magnetic and non-magnetic, useful in click-chemistry reactions. Alicia joined Prof. Bradley´s group in October 2012 as a postdoctoral researcher and she is currently working in the synthesis of “smartprobes” for molecular imaging.

Out of work, she enjoys travelling, cooking, outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and of course visiting her family in Spain.

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