Within the laboratories available to us we have a range of equipment and facilities.

HPLC Instruments

Analytical HPLC: Agilent 1100 with auto-samplers.
LC/MS Agilent 1100 with ES/APCI mass detector & auto-sampler.
Two semi-preparative automated Agilent 1100 with auto-samplers & automated fraction collector.
Preparative automated Agilent 1100 with auto-samplers and automated fraction collector
Two GPC Agilent 1100 with auto-samplers.

High-content microscopy

LaVision Bio Analyzer 4F - Fluorescence Imager for Micro DNA Slides.
IMSTAR – High Performance microscope using PathFinder TM technology.


Genetix QArray Mini - contact printer.
Microdrop - non-contact piezo dispenser.
Scienion S5 sciFLEXARRAYER - HT non-contact piezo dispenser.
Polypico microdrop.

Other items

• BD FACS Aria - High performance flow cytometer with improve cell sorter technology
• Liberty Microwave Peptide Synthesiser from CEM
• Robotic microwave :
• Malvern Zetersizer
• MultiPROBE IIEx Liquid Handling System
• Branson sonifier 250
• Tensor27 FT-IR Spectrometer
• Spraybase® Electrospinning Kit


Contact Printing
Inject Printing